Hydrocontracting Group
Hydrocontracting Group


Founded in 1989 as part of Girozentrale and Bank der Österreichischen Sparkassen AG, Vienna, Austria, Hydrocontracting is now a privately owned company that invests in the renewable energy sector in Europe and Latin America.

The acquisition of a portfolio of water rights in Portugal marked the entry into the international RES business in 1990. Over the following years the projects were developed in a joint venture with the US utility company, Pennsylvania Power & Light (‘PPL’). Spain followed as a 2nd market in 1996, the portfolio eventually consisted of 17 small-hydropower plants in early 2000.

In mid 2000 the company extended its activities to wind and several new markets. In 2004 Hydrocontracting merged its Portuguese hydropower plants with the assets of Spanish Minicentrales Dos S.A. under the new name of RP Global. PPL’s share was bought back and the portfolio was successfully refinanced on the capital markets with a 30-year AAA–rated bond.

In 2011 the Hydrocontracting Group split from its Spanish partner, Minicentrales Dos, and became the sole owner of RP Global, holding 100% of the Group’s assets.

RP Global is now focused on the development of its wind and hydro pipelines in Central and Eastern Europe, and South America. Several wind power projects in Poland, Croatia & France as well as hydropower projects in Portugal, Georgia, Peru & Chile are currently in advanced stages of development.